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Boeing 377 Pregnant Guppy

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Several 377 Stratocruisers and KC-97 Stratofreighters were converted to transport large, bulky items.  The first, was a converted Pan American aircraft stretched 16 feet, 8 inches with a new 20-foot-high cargo area.  This aircraft was dubbed the Pregnant Guppy and first flew in 1962.  The Pregnant Guppy was used to transport large rocket subassemblies for the Apollo program.

Other variants included the Super Guppy which was 31 feet longer than the standard 377 and was hinged at the nose.  The Mini Guppy simply hinged at the tail.  Later Super Guppies were re-engined with Allison 501-D22C turboprops.

Most Guppy variants were converted by Aero Spacelines, Inc.

Four Super Guppies were used by Airbus Industrie to shuttle subassemblies between its European partners.  The last of these was retired in 1997.

Specifications (377-PG)





Type: Transport
Engines: four 3,500 hp (2610 kW) Pratt & Whitney R-4360-59B radials
377-PG: original Pregnant Guppy
377-SG: Super Guppy
377-MG: Mini Guppy

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