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Martin B-10

First flown in 1932, the B-10 sparked a revolution in bomber technology.  It was the U.S. Army's first production all-metal monoplane bomber and included an internal bomb bay, retractable landing gear, a rotating gun turret and enclosed cockpits.

When introduced, the B-10 was 50% faster than biplane bombers and as fast as most fighters.  It proved unstoppable in Army maneuvers starting the fast or "schnell" bomber vogue that lasted until World War II.

The B-10 was exported to the Soviet Union, the Netherlands, China, Siam, Argentina and Turkey and saw action against the Japanese with Chinese, Siamese and Dutch air forces. 

Specifications (B-10B)





Type: Bomber
Engines: two 775 hp (578 kW) Wright R-1820-33 Cyclone radial piston engines
Model 139: Martin model number
B-10: U.S. Army Air Corps bomber designation
B-12: B-10 with P&W R-1690-11 Hornet engines
XB-14: B-10 with P&W R-1830-9 Twin Wasps
XA-15: Proposed attack version
XO-45: Proposed observation version

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