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Curtiss-Wright AT-9 Fledgling/Jeep

The AT-9 Fledgling was an advanced trainer to transition students that had completed basic flight training and were slated for twin-engined combat aircraft.  The AT-9 was not easy to fly or land making it suitable for teaching students the more demanding flight characteristics of more modern aircraft like the B-26 Marauder and P-38 Lightning.

The prototype AT-9 first flew in 1941.  Officially named the Fledgling, the AT-9 was almost universally known as the Jeep.  Almost 800 had been built when production ended in 1943. 






Type: Trainer
Engine: two 295 hp (220 kW) Lycoming R-680-9 radial piston engines
CW-25: Curtiss-Wright  designation
AT-9: U.S. Army Air Corps advanced trainer designation

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