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Ryan AQM-34 Firebee I

The Firebee series of target drones and remotely piloted vehicles (RPV) is one of the most successful families of unmanned aircraft ever built.  The latest versions are still in use today.

First flown in 1951 as the Q-2, the Firebee was used as a high subsonic speed target drone.

With aircraft losses mounting in Vietnam, the Firebee was modified for the reconnaissance role.  Other Firebees have been modified attack (AGM-34) and supersonic (Firebee II) targets.

Specifications (AQM-34)





Type: Target/Reconnaissance Drone
Engine: one 1,700 lb ( kg) thrust Continental J69-T-29 turbojet
Q-2: original drone designation
BQM-34: drone capable of launching by several methods
AQM-34: air-launched variant

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